Precise and professional translations
More than 30 years translating experience
Deputy Chair - Israel Translators Association

Some of my translations:


"The Law of Peoples" by John Rawls       (Link to the book in Hebrew)
"On Democracy" by Robert Dahl               (Link to the book in Hebrew)
"The Jewish Century" by Yuri Slezkine    (Link to the book in Hebrew)
"Physics" by Halliday & Resnick                (Link to the book in Hebrew)

Translation Projects:

Working as a professional translator since 1984, I've translated in many disciplines and knowledge domains, including:

  • Mathematics and Science booklets for the Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Road engineering specifications for the Technion - Israel Institute of Science
  • Biblical, Talmudic and Halachic texts for Rabbis and Scholars
  • Bi-directional simultaneous translation at the Agassi Electric Vehicle inauguration event.
  • Bi-directional simultaneous translation for the family court in Perth Australia (via video conferencing).
  • Participated in the localization of the "Open Office" software suite, as part of the Tk Open Systems team.
  • Diverse documents in my capacity as chief in-house translator at Sagir International Translations Ltd.
  • Hundreds of commercial, financial, legal and technical documents for many firms.

Other services:

CMS-based web design (Drupal, Wordpress)
Publishing: Get published in Hebrew in Israel: Translation, Typesetting, Publication, Distribution

Some Translation Companies:

Sagir Translations
Capita Translation and Interpreting